The INARCO Studio has operated in the fields of architectural and urban design, for several decades.
Since 1976 it has offered an assured guarantee of affirmed experience, skill and professionalism, within the realms of design. Prevalent sectors of activity are: Feasibility assessment, design, project management, safety coordination regarding residential construction, commerce, public service, welfare and industry.

The design team is currently composed of four associated architects and eight employees, including the permanent staff and six freelancers assigned to the project.
The INARCO Studio collaborates in a coherent systematic manner with four other freelancers with whom the project philosophy is discussed in addition to means of production and service facilities.
From this association made up as a result of the fusion between the INARCO Studio and the freelance architect team, with whom a smooth, systematic relationship has been established, is born the INARCO Group. Though newly established, The INARCO Group has, through the specific skills that constitute it, a deep-seated experience in the fields of architectural design and urban planning. The team is structured in such a way as to achieve the best professional synergy and to supply a high quality service.

The INARCO Studio also makes full use of well-established, systematic partnerships with other freelancers, technical analysts, and engineering associations to offer an integrated design executed with all necessary specialised input pertaining to architecture, structure, technological installations, fire safety precautions, ambience and sustainable design.
From the outset, the firm has distinguished itself with the use of digital systems to assist in the design, with the aim of providing its customers with high reliability and certainty in both economic and temporal competitiveness results.
Since 2010 it has equipped itself with the tools necessary for the development for BIM projects (Building Information Model) by adopting the REVIT software. This tool will enable the production of all necessary documentation for a perfectly coordinated project and the development of advanced and innovative facilities.